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The Verdon rivers are a magnificent playground for anyone who practices canyoning, making their way through natural settings sculpted by water. They are famous worldwide for their beauty and their diversity, and this is why we consider them to be a must for all nature and outdoor activity lovers.

Couleur Canyon offers you the most beautiful canyoning descents in southeast of France, from the canyons of the Verdon to Italy, the Alps of Haute-Provence and the region of Alpes-Maritimes.

In order for each of you to discover the activity and to get the best out of it, our instructors will adapt courses according to your physical level, your ambition, but also to your desires.

We have selected a list of canyons, that we’ve organised into 3 categories : Discovery, Athletic and Adventure.

Canyoning is an activity that can only be practiced under certain weather conditions; therefore the canyons proposed are not always passable but we will always find a solution and guide you to another alternative, respecting your motivations.

This activity, fun and refreshing, is based on following the descent of a river within its steep banks. Due to erosion, the riverbed has been sculpted in a manner that inspires jumping, sliding or abseiling down the rocks. Your instructor we’ll be pleased to guide you into it, while he’ll be making sure that all your moves are safe and secure.

Half day

40 per person
  • The perfect canyons for a first experience of this activity. A discovery with family or friends, in the morning or in the afternoon, where even the most adventurous can have fun. There are different degrees of difficulty on these canyoning courses, from 1h30 to 3h00 activity. You will find the main obstacles that make the reputation of canyoning, jumps, slides, zipline and abseiling. Nature offers you beautiful surprises and will be your eyes.

Full day canyoning

70 per person
  • Where to discover the most beautiful canyons of the gorges of Verdon and Alpes-Maritimes. Each valley is unique and reveals an exceptional natural setting. Franck and Marco guide you and make you discover these wild courses, far from everything, combining physical challenge, sensations and good mood. A wide choice of canyons are available to choose the most suitable. Count between 4h00 and 6h00 activity.


80 per person
  • On vous emmène pour une longue journée de canyoning où aventures et émotions seront les mots d'ordre. Ces canyons du Haut Verdon et des Alpes-Maritimes sont plus sauvages et généralement peu fréquentés. Préparez-vous à 6h00/8h00 d'activité et à des belles marches d'approche stimulantes.


Canyoning, like all outdoor activities, presents the dangers of a natural environment that we do not control at 100%. Water is an unstable and very powerful element, so it is important to approach the discipline with humility and respect. Taking a guide is a guarantee of obvious security. 

The guides know the canyons by practicing them, locating them, and doing obstacles every time. They will help you to pass this different obstacles : jumps, abseils and slides in complete safety. Compliance with the safety instructions given by the guide is essential! 

To enjoy the activities we ask you to wear sport shoes, running or hiking shoes in good state. The aqua-shoes, the sandals of water are completely prohibited. The guide reserves the right to refuse you access to the activity in case of non-compliance with this directive.

More information

Canyoning is a technically accessible activity. When making your reservation we will choose together the right choice of course, according to your level of sport. We offer you discoveries tour (ideal for a family outing and initiation to activity) sports tour and much more. Beyond the chosen level, be well motivated and especially ready to provide a minimum of physical effort. Being comfortable in the water seems to be a capital requirement. For the activity to be enjoyable, it is better for the youngest to know how to swim and be able to hike.

Jumps are never mandatory, it is always possible to avoid them by an abseil or by foot. At each obstacle, you can choose the way to cross it that suits you. The guide gives you the proper technical advice at the beginning of the activity and is at your side on each jump to secure the start and explain each impulse and each reception.

For canyons by the day, we ask you to know how to jump without hesitation from 3 meters. This is a guarantee of safety, respect for the time of activity and a good progression in the river.

For us, it is not mandatory to know how to swim well. The most important thing is to be comfortable in the water and not to panic. However, you must be able to put your head under water without hesitation. The neoprene wetsuits we provide guarantee flotation. This is why a person who can not swim but remains calm can practice canyoning safely.

It is highly recommended for younger people to already have an aquatic experience.

Prices announced on our “Prices” page include the loan of specific equipment for canyoning (wetsuit neoprene, neoprene socks, harness and helmet). When booking we ask you the sizes and weights of all participants to choose the most suitable canyoning equipment for your body.


However, you will need to bring some personal things:


  • A pair of sport shoes, hiking or running shoes, in good state (no aqua shoes or sandals)
  • A swimsuit or swim shorts
  • A licra for the most sensitive of cold
  • A water bottle
  • A snack at the return of the activity (to leave in the car) for the ½ days courses
  • A picnic for day trips

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