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Via ferrata gorges du Verdon

These athletic and adventurous courses offer unique experiences full of emotion. An original way to test yourself in the vertical world with all its sensations of the void without the technical and financial investment of a mountaineer, the via ferrata is a shortcut to the alpine experience in a safe and controlled environment. Offering two via ferrata overlooking the mythical Grand Canyon du Verdon, routes that are adapted to everyone’s needs. An unconventional way of discovering the southeast of France from Nice to the Gorges du Verdon, via ferratas offer a challenging and unforgettable experience.

In the Gorges du Verdon, we call them via cordata. It’s a mixing of cliff climbing and via ferrata. Via Cordata keeps the benefits and purity of rock climbing. It consists of moving on the rock using our feet and our hands to move. It has also made the safety of the via ferrata by passing to the lifeline, materialized by the rope that accompanies us throughout the way.

The courses are adapted to anyone more than 12 years old and no experience is necessary.

Our routes to discover the Verdon Gorge

Trou du renard

45 from
  • Initiation escalade falaise verdon

  • Duration : 2h30

Main morte

60 from
  • Initiation escalade falaise verdon

  • Duration : 5h00

Tout savoir sur la via ferrata

A via ferrata (iron path) is a route on a cliff prepared with cables, iron rungs, suspended bridges and sometimes zip-lines.
First created in the Italian Dolomites during World War I for military use, the idea was to make passage in the mountains for alpine troops easier.
Adapted for recreation in the 80’s in France, via ferratas offer an alternative to rock climbing and hiking while maintaining safety in an alpine environment.

The Main Morte Via Cordata

At the center of the Gorges du Verdon this athletic route is a mix between a dry canyon and a via cordata. The Main Morte ravine is a high-walled dry canyon where an ancient river left its imprint on the sculpted and eroded rock walls. The second part of this day-trip climbs the via-cordata above the Verdon river.

The course starts with several 7 to 30 meters high abseils and short zip-lines before a vertical exit. In order to leave the Main Morte ravine, and before joining the Verdon far below in the canyon, you must scale up a cliff. With ropes and in all security, we will navigate these amazing limestone gorges.

The Trou du Renard Via Ferrata

The adventure course of the Trou du Renard overhangs two hundred meters above the Verdon river on the Verdon canyon’s tall limestone cliffs. The atmosphere there is impressive: unless you are a vulture or a highly skilled climber, this is a unique opportunity to see this big canyon. The via ferrata is entirely equipped with a complete range of challenges: 40 meter zip-line, a Tarzan swing and several abseils. Self confidence and no fear of heights are prerequisites.

From the meeting point at La-Palud-sur-Verdon we’ll drive up the road that overlooks the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Everyone will be equipped with a harness, two security lanyards, a descender and a helmet. The course gradually gets more difficult as you climb; the effort is not only physical, but also psychological because you will see the ground getting further and further away! Slicing through the air on the long zip-line becomes the ultimate challenge, especially when you realise that the river runs several hundred meters beneath you. After several airy sections, a 20 meter abseil ensues (if it goes well you might want to try the next one on your own).

We’ll enjoy a breath-taking view before walking back to the cars on an original path for which I will not say another word, just come and see by yourself!

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