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Canyoning Haut-Jabron

The Haut-Jabron transverse valley is the perfect place to discover this activity, to test yourself but also to enjoy a course in a large-scale playground. The river is almost underground and offers natural obstacles such as slides, jumps or sections where you have to abseil. Alternative routes are possible for the harder sections, which makes this canyon accessible to a large public. We recommend it to families (we are accustomed to bringing seven year olds with us!) but it will also suit a heterogeneous group with different abilities and levels. None of the jumps are obligatory and even the slides can be done with a rope. The highlight of this day is a magnificent descent with a 12 meter abseil (optional).

After a small briefing, your guide will allot the necessary equipment and he’ll take you for a thirty minute approach march to the departure in a wild and rural landscape. This canyon starts smoothly until you get to the first pool (like a big non-heated bathtub!), in which you will have to jump in order to adjust to the low temperatures. A small slide will then lead you to a second steeper slide; the best way to reach the canyon’s heart.

The narrow passageway that follows will lead us to an amazing geological universe. All kind of activities can be done there: jumping, surfing, sliding, swimming… As soon as we get to the big basin, and if you are fearless, you can rock climb up to the six meter jumps. Eventually, we’ll reach the last pool where you can once again make several jumps before the long-awaited abseiling!

The 40 minute walk back will softly end this adventure.

This canyon is located twenty minutes away from Castellane (Verdon gorges) and at a reasonable distance from Nice. The outing will leave you enough time to visit the magnificent Verdon gorges on your way back.


40 € / person
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What you need to know about canyoning in the Jabron and the Lance

We offer the descent of Haut-Jabron and Bas-Jabron. The Jabron river has its source in the village of Peyroules in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, 20 kilometers from Castellane. It follows a tortuous path of 30 kilometers before flowing into the turquoise waters of the Verdon.

The canyon of Haut-Jabron, located 15 kilometers from Castellane is perfect from may to september with a regular water level. In a unique limestone environment, this course is open to all people, proposes a succession of obstacles (optional), slides, jumps and abseil. It has the particularity of being quite short, which will be particularly suitable for an introduction to canyoning or a safe family trip. A wonderful half-day accessible to the youngest, from 8 years old.

The canyon of Bas-Jabron is located 20 kilometers from Castellane and sometime victim to the heat of the summer. It is not uncommon to see it almost dry at the end of July. We therefore prefer this river descent at the beginning of the season, starting in May. This course is the most accessible we offer with still 2 hours of activity in the water. It is perfect for a playful initiation, between polished rocks, generous basins and narrowly follow one another uninterruptedly.

Going up the Verdon north to the village of Colmars the Alps, we offer a canyon with an alpine atmosphere : the torrent of Lance. We leave the Mediterranean climate for high mountains. The start of the canyon is already located at 1600 meters of altitude and to reach there it makes a good warm-up. Note that the Lance is among the most athletic courses we offer. Its length, jumps and descents abseiling and its freshness are a great test of effort for athletes.

By following the  Verdon river to Lake St. Croix and its turquoise waters, you can reach the emblematic village of Moustier Sainte-Marie. The village is the starting point for the Val d’Angouire canyon, which is practiced in spring, when the water level allows it. This sunny canyon with a tropical atmosphere is a beautiful sporting day. Note that this course is the most accessible from Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

Discover canyoning in Castellane