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Gorges du Loup canyoning

This canyon is ideal for those who want to discover a new outdoor activity. Playful and aquatic, it only takes half a day to do it. 

The descent is accessible for most people because the obstacles can be avoided by different options. 

If you are staying on the Cote d’Azur, it’s easy to get here since its location is only 40 minutes away from Nice, but this canyon is also one of the closest to Toulon and Marseille (2 hours from Toulon, 2 hours and a half from Marseille). We recommend it to people who would like to spend an athletic morning in fresh air, saving time in the afternoon to visit the beautiful Gourdon village and its panoramic view.

Alternating between natural slides and jumps, you can be certain that you’ll never get bored with this type of course. At the halfway point, a long slide will lead you to the Waliby bssin well known for its beauty where several jumps can be made, some of them from high up!

The following narrow section gives you an idea of what a typical canyon experience can be like.

Finally, an intense section with successive waterfalls between narrow gorges leads you to the ultimate pool where many jumps can be done at different heights. A short steep walk brings you back to the start where you can take off your equipment.


55 € per person

Sautez dans le canyon du Loup, le plus ludique du 06 !


Doing a canyoning session in the Gorges du Loup is very accessible in terms of activity but also by the proximity of the coast. The spot is 40 minutes drive from Nice and the Côte d’Azur and 20 minutes from Grasse, the valley of the Loup “Wolf” which goes back to the village of Gréolières and the plateaux of Verdon. This descent propose you for one kilometer the most funny part of the river. There is a beautiful succession of basins and natural slides in a limestone world. A perfect activity for half-day of sport and that will give you time to visit the nice village of Gourdon and its magnificent point of view. For other courses “near” the coast, visit the page dedicated to canyoning in Nice.

Vertical character

The waterfalls follow each other fairly quickly and it is a succession of obstacles that awaits you. The only timeout of the course are the two parts of the walk which allow to avoid block chaos in the river. In general, the progression is pleasant and the rocks are not slippery. Some fixed ropes will help you to join the highest jumps.

Aquatique character

The significant flow of Gorges du Loup throughout the summer season places this canyon as one of the most aquatic that Couleur Canyon offers. The characteristic obstacle here is the slide, which is present on many occasions and in all its forms. At the beginning of the season when the level of the river is too high we will be forced to avoid some basins which present dangerous water movements. Your guide will complete the equipment with ropes to secure the progress of the group.


The course is always very open and the short distance of the narrow parts make the activity possible and in complete safety even during days with the uncertain weather. This descent is adaptable to everyone because the obstacles are always easy to avoid. It is rare that a canyon give the possibility for a family or a sporty team to have a very good fun in the same time.

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