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Maglia canyoning

This canyon is known to be one of the most beautiful in France, and even in Europe. The course is highly varied and has a sustained pace for its numerous jumps and slides. This canyon is particularly beautiful due to the quality of its water and to its minerals which are exceptional.


You’ll be able to test your ability to jump from 10 meters but you’ll also be able to get around the highest jumps by abseiling with the instructor’s help. One must be in good physical condition and be confident in water in order to do this outing because the sections where you’ll have to swim are mandatory.

Shuttle service is provided to bring you to the canyon’s departure. You’ll then be given the equipment you need as well as safety instructions before starting your course. The canyon’s beginning starts with a pretty difficult slide named as “the washing machine” : keep your mouth closed but open your eyes!


We’ll then be doing several jumps from 5 to 7 meters alternatively with 10 meters slides; moments of pure happiness! The next part of the course is all about swimming the river along its steep banks before ending up at the heart of a cave with stalactites. From there, we’ll be abseiling down the rocks to get back to sunlight and have a break for lunch. Once rested, we’ll start the last part of the canyon with several waterfalls and jumps. At one point, we’ll have to pass a harder but shorter section using via ferrata techniques. Finally, we’ll be reaching the ultimate basin before walking across olive fields to the initial parking


75 € per person
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The clue of Maglia is located in the Roya valley, near the village of Breil-sur-Roya. Coming from Nice you must pass Ventimiglia and go up the Roya valley towards the Col de Tende to the village of Breil-sur-Roya. The meeting point is at the village train station. The two kilometers offer an alternation of jumps, abseil and swimming parts.

Vertical character

No timeout here, the obstacles follow each other very quickly. The guide can propose you big jumps for the most athletic of you. Of course, these big jumps can be avoid easily. A very steep slide will give you nice sensations. Most of the abseil are under waterfalls.

Aquatique character

The regular flow of water throughout the summer is a great guarantee for an aquatic and fun descent. At the beginning of the season, the high level of water can make the Maglia even sportier and more technical. Long swimming parts request a good swimming skills. Narrows sections continue to make us progress almost completely in the riverbed. With all the obstacles we tend to forget the coolness of the water.


Temperature of the water, and the intensity of the descent ensures a physical ! This tour is for a sporty public. Of course we ask you to be able to jump without hesitation. This will allow a good progression of the team.

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