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Canyoning clue du Riolan

According to canyon lovers, this is one of the most interesting courses you can find in France. The descent goes down the high-walled canyon ( up to 200 meters) in which water has sculpted beautiful bassins, slides and jumps over the years. Being impressive and ludic, this full-day outing will suit the most contemplative canyoneer, but also to the athletes searching for strong emotions. A total immersion in this aquatic and mineral place will leave you unforgettable memories !
During the course, you’ll be able to plunge from jumps up to 8 meters ( this is why it is essential that you can jump without hesitation from 3 meters. The higher jumps can always be avoided abseiling). You will also descend natural slides and will be introduced to abseiling techniques. In certain sections, you’ll swim through long narrow passageways and walk in the river. This outing is for people confident in water and in good physical condition.

The adventure starts by handing over the equipment and suits as we introduce ourselves. We’ll organise a shuttle with the vehicles (to avoid a long walk back) to get to the 20 minute approach march that leads us to the canyon’s beginning. The first section is varied but remains easy, until you get to an opening where we’ll stop for lunch.

We’ll then get back to it, the second section being deeper and more ludic with natural obstacles that will make for a thrilling day. Once we get back to the meeting area, and after giving back the equipment, we’ll organise another shuttle to get you to your car.

At halfway between the Verdon gorges, Castellane and Nice, you can enjoy a wild landscape during your journey where even driving up the car seems to be an authentic experience !

The Riolan bridge, on D10, between Aiglun and Sigale (06910). The bridge is made of stones and has green fences, crossing over the Riolan river.

If you come from Aiglun, drive 5 minutes towards Sigale, on D10.

If you come from Roquesteron, following the direction to Sigale, take a left one kilometer before the village, towards Aiglun, le Mas. Drive for about 3 minutes to reach the bridge.


75 € / personne
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Located at the foot of the Provencal village of Sigale in the valley of the Estéron, this course is accessible from Nice and Castellane in one hour of road. The two kilometers of descent are a true concentrate of canyoning, in a luminous and summery atmosphere. Everything is there to offer you a great day of sports: jumps, natural slides, abseiling and water games.

Vertical character

The descent of the cascades is done in the water vein because of the narrowness of the clue. The large number of obstacles gives us some fun solutions to overcome them, especially the two big slides that are among the highlights of the descent. The progression is rhythmic between obstacles, zones of walk in river and zones of swimming.

Aquatic character

The canyoning in the Riolan clue takes place between narrow high walls where long interspersed corridors that are fully swimming. Note the presence of abseiling under waterfall, which makes the exercise a little more technical but so much more friendly. The water temperature is very pleasant in the heart of summer. Unfortunately, some years the hot weather can dry the river and make it impractical in August.

Commitment and scope

Unusual dimensions and an exceptional and wild environment make the Riolan unavoidable: for many practitioners, it is the most beautiful route in the Alpes-Maritimes. It is a committed course that presents a single escape and requires a stable weather to venture there. For us, in high season, it is the ideal route to make a full day of activity. The monitor can adapt the obstacles to everyone, so do not hesitate a second more and get started !

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