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Canyoning in the clue of Aiglun

The Esteron river, sculpts an impressive canyon at the heart of a karstic massif. The  remoteness and the sensation of airiness guarantee can amusing and unique day. As you go down the canyon, the biggest jumps are as high as 7 meters (which is why you need to be able to jump without hesitation from 3 meters, the higher jumps can be avoided by abseiling); you will swim across running water with siphons (you can always bypass them if you want) and you will abseil next to dizzying waterfalls and slides. This outing is recommended for athletic people confident in water.

The day starts by allotting the equipment and by introducing ourselves. After organizing a shuttle with our vehicles (in order to avoid walking a long way back at the end of the day) we will hike for about 45 minutes to get to the transverse valley’s entry. The first section is very narrow with multiple obstacles, like jumps and slides. Once we manage to get out of it, we’ll have a lunch break under three hundred meter cliffs famous for rock climbing. The second section is also very complete: bubble baths, siphons, jumps and a beautiful waterfall that we’ll cross-over with an abseil.

A day trip full and watery served by the Couleur Canyon crew !

The canyon is located in the Aiglun commune (06910). Be careful, there is also a village named Aiglun in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region but there are no canyons there!


75 € per person
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Plus d'informations sur le canyon de la clue d'Aiglun


This course is located in the heart of the wild valley of Esteron and one hour drive from Castellane and Nice. This is a great opportunity for tourists visiting the Gorges du Verdon to discover this beautiful valley of the countryside of Nice. It is the third canyon that the Esteron crosses, just after Saint-Auban and the unknown clue of Mujouls. The scenery is really huge, everything is bigger and impressive than in the other courses. The cliffs that surround us, the narrow paths we cross and the aquatic character gives us the feeling of being fully immersed in nature.

Vertical Character

The canyoning course has a modest height difference. As a result, the descent is well dynamic. Only the first abseil that we make in the morning is mandatory. However, the atmosphere is impressive with the sound of waterfalls that resounds against the large limestone walls. Going up on the banks of the river it is possible to make jumps in large basins.

Aquatic character

With the famous Maglia, Aiglun is probably the most aquatic canyon we offer. The water flow is always very important and that’s what limits its attendance. With a good level of water the descent is a real pleasure, the flow transports us in long swimming parts. Once started the activity, walking areas are rare and are limited to the central part where we take the picnic and at the very end. Some basins allow an initiation to the movements of water and aquatic games while safety. When the Riolan’s clue becomes impraticable due to drought, Aiglun is our best alternative.


Extremely deep, only the central part offers us an escape and the possibility of getting out of the water. Even if the canyoning part is not super long, the presence of the approach walk, the aquatic character, the impressive general atmosphere requires a sporty public and people who are very comfortable in the water.

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