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Bas-Jabron canyon

The canyon of Bas-Jabron is located below the clue of Haut-Jabron, on the same river.

This magnificent course is an excellent introduction to the canyoning activity. The temperature of the water is very pleasant, between 14 ° and 18 °.

Most obstacles and jumps can be avoid.

You will discover a real canyon scenery in a rocky encasement with beautifully carved by erosion.

The large basins follow one to another and allow you to make your first jumps!

These features make it an ideal canyon for families and young children.

The meeting point is located 20 minutes from Castellane next to the town of Trigance and its magnificent castle. Equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, harness and helmet, you’ll be ready to start the activity. For this canyon, you will have to walk for a minute before immersing yourself in the turquoise waters of Jabron. Once the safety instructions are given, your instructor will guide you through this canyon.

A walk between rocks and water will take you quickly to swimming part that cross the first basins. Small jumps are then possible on the edges of these basins. Then the canyon becomes narrower and leads you to a pleasant abseiling above the water.

Then the toure is prolonged by passages between the rocks, small tunnels of stone to cross, before crossing the chaos of the giants, a true maze ! A beautiful portion of swimming concludes the course, time to enjoy this pleasant water. In ten minutes walk you will reach the car park.


If this adventure made you want to go further in canyoning, then we recommend the Cramassouri canyon and the Haut-Jabron canyon.


40 € per person
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Informations complémentaires


The term Jabron comes from the pre-Celtic base * gava, which is used to name the mountain torrents. The route of Bas-Jabron is located in the town of Trigance in the Var department. The Jabron joins the Verdon at the Carajuan Bridge, near the “Sublime Point”. Looking rather quiet and open, the river meets two massive of limestone she dug on its way, forming the two canyons we know: the Upper and Lower Jabron. Tis one is about 700 meters long shaping a large curve. This explains the short walking time to come back at the parking.

Vertical character

Among the canyoning courses close to Castellane, he is almost flat. This explains the few waterfalls and impressive vertical obstacles to overcome but gives the opportunity to try many jumps up to 3 meters. The only mandatory vertical passage is 5 meters. When the water level allows it, for the more adventurous, it is possible to jump into the large basin below and in the opposite case, it is necessary to do an abseil. This technical passage gives us the opportunity to learn how to cross a safety rope and use the lanyards to secure themselves. Throughout the descent, we go through chaos blocks that we cross.

Aquatique character

The flow of this part of the river is very variable. Often dry in the month of July, sometimes we can enjoy it throughout the summer during rainy seasons. When we practice it, well filled basins allow beautiful swimming and jumping parts. In spring, this initiation canyon can be tricky with the presence of some siphons between the rocks. The temperature of the water is very pleasant because the course is open and sunny.


As said before, the Bas-Jabron is very open and allows in case of bad weather to get out of water at any time. Indeed, the deepest part of the canyon is hundred meters long at halfway. The general atmosphere, peaceful and welcoming, makes this canyon ideal for a first experience and we sincerely recommend it for your children.

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