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An adventure to live
in the Vésubie

Couleur Canyon proposes the Bagnolar canyon which is in our eyes one of the wildest and most spectacular canyons in the Vésubie valley and the Alpes-Maritimes. A very sporty descent after a long and beautiful walk approach. Your efforts are rewarded here by the beauty of the landscapes. A long day of canyoning and adventure for the most motivated.

From the car park where your instructor gives the technical equipment, we start directly the approach walk. The path crosses a beautiful chestnut forest which leads us easily to Riou du Figaret. Follows a steep path to the Barmes barns at 1032 meters. Here we are at the starting point of the canyon.

We start the descent by walking between rocks and bassins. The first vertical part is in front of us and with him the first obstacles. Several waterfalls make it possible to make the first jumps (8 meters maximum) and a powerful slide. The rhythm remains strong until the middle part of the course. Fortunately for us, the valley widens and lets the sun pass. It’s time to regain strength by having a picnic.

The second part is probably the most spectacular. The darkness reinforce the wild character of the site and still offers various obstacles including the longest abseil. The last abseil brings us to the confluence with the Riou du Figaret, which signs the end of the descent. It is necessary to go up this one on a few hundred meters to join a path and return to the carpark.

If you enjoyed this day in the Bagnolar canyon, we propose the Carleva canyon in the Roya  valley !


  • Level : extreme
  • Activity time : 5h00
  • Total duration : 7h00
  • Approach walk : 1h30
  • Walk back : 0h30
  • Age minimum : 16 years old
  • Mandatory jump : 3 meters
  • Mandatory abseiling : 25 mètres
80 € per person
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Informations complémentaires


It is in the valley of Vésubie, just before arriving at the old village of Lantosque that is located the valley of Bagnolar. The river is well hidden in a peaceful, uninhabited valley where chestnut forest and limestone cliffs mix up. From Nice, 1 hour drive to reach us in these beautiful mountains. From Castellane and the Gorges du Verdon you have to drive almost 2 hours to reach your guide. It is far but worth it !

Vertical character

The first half hour of river walking is mostly flat with a few down climb that require a lot of attention because the rocks are very slippery. In the two narrow sections that follow that the 300 meters of negative elevations are concentrated. Access to abseiling is not always easy and requires the installation of a safety rope to secure the team. Abseil are impressive and we often go there without seeing the arrival area. The jumps are technical and require concentration and precision.

Caractère aquatique

Ephemeral canyon, suffering from drought, we give you a meeting here in the early spring to enjoy its aquatic aspect. This moderate flow is a good alternative when the Bollène also located in the Vésubie valley is in flood. Swimming parts are often short and facilitated by clear and calm water. The descent is sheltered from the sun and the temperature of the water do not exceeds 15 °. We feel the cold at the beginning of the course but once in action we do not hesitate to bathe.


This is not the longest canyon we can propose but surely one of the wildest and most isolated. It is very rare that we come and meet other groups of canyoners. This complete outing between approach walk, technical river walk and the many verticals to cross make us classify it in our extreme days. A good abilities on abseiling is highly recommended. Le vallon de Bagnolar ensures you a great sporting moment and a new canyoning experience.

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Information Covid-19

Reprise de nos activités au 7 juillet 2020

En raison du contexte sanitaire, des mesures imposées par le gouvernement et en accord avec notre syndicat (SNAPEC) nous avons décidé de ne pas proposer de sorties pendant le mois de juin. La distanciation physique et les conditions d’hygiène imposées actuellement nous apparaissent incompatibles avec notre vision de la profession. La proximité avec nos pratiquants durant l’encadrement est une nécessité pour nous. C’est un gage de sécurité et de pédagogie ! De plus, les produits virucides recommandés pour désinfecter le matériel sont très nocifs pour les rivières et la faune qui y vit, nous ne voulons pas y avoir recours. 
Toute l’équipe se prépare pour vous accueillir dès le mois de juillet, lorsque de meilleurs conditions seront réunies pour partager des bons moments ensemble. En attendant nous restons à votre disposition pour prendre vos réservations et répondre à toutes vos questions.

A bientôt. Franck et Marco