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Climbing in
the Gorges du Verdon

Our team, Couleur Canyon, is located in Castellane, the real entry to the Gorges du Verdon, and of course, we offer climbing outings. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll discover places entrenched in the climbing’s history and you’ll practice this activity on the cliffs that have made this site internationally famous for its beauty and quality.

From beginner to autonomous

Have first contact with this activity and its vertical ambiance. It takes place on one of the exceptional climbing sites in the Gorges du Verdon. To discover this activity, the initiation takes place at a sport climbing area. You will learn to familiarizing yourself with the equipment, how to tie your rope with the correct knot, belaying on top rope and few techniques in order to climb better!

We also offer training course to teach you how to be autonomous on long climbs. Your goal is to learn all the necessary security rules for a climb with several pitches : preparation of the outing (information, guidebook, weather forecast….), preparing the correct equipment, rope handling, setting up a belay, doing a self-belayed abseil, assisting a follower…

Climbing in the Grand Canyon of Verdon

To learn, to progress, or to discover the atmosphere of a great way, we accompany you in all your adventures.


40 à partir de
  • Initiation escalade falaise verdon

Grande voie

120 à partir de
  • Initiation escalade falaise verdon


Because rock climbing is for us synonymous with freedom and independence, we offer to those with little or no experience, the instruction of fundamental security rules in order to become autonomous. This day is designed  to acquire confidence with your first climbing experience.

We’ll be climbing on one of the Gorges du Verdon’ sport sites. The exact place will be chosen depending on weather conditions.

We’ll provide recent and quality equipment (harness, rope, quick draws, helmet, descender… you’ll need to bring your own climbing shoes.

The Gorges du Verdon, part of Rock Climbing’s History…

Known worldwide by all rock climbers, the Gorges du Verdon have seen the evolution of rock-climbing through the generations.

The 60’s saw the advent of free climbing where the use of artificial devices was limited to security and progression was made by one’s own physical means. Climbers from the south of France were the first to climb on these cliffs.

1968 saw the first “free” climbs on these mythic cliffs; “Les Enrages” by Patrick Cordier and “La Demande” by Francois Guillot.

It took the 80’s for this climbing site to finally be recognised for its potential. A large number of climbs were opened in a very short time, and, on account of the exceptional quality of its rock, the Gorges du Verdon became a mecca for modern rock climbing.

The movie “La Vie au bout des Doigts” with Patrick Edlinger, a famous climber of the 20th century, was a real media stunt for this climbing site. From then on, rock climbing has been more and more democratised.

Today, the Gorges du Verdon is an attraction for tourists who come to watch rock climbers, but are mostly a primary destination for rock climbers themselves!

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