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Discover the giant slides of Bollène

This course takes place in an extremely green landscape; the big and mysterious conifer forest of the Col de Turin. The three major narrows in the canyon are separated by walks in the forest; a way to give you time to admire the beautiful nature that surrounds the canyon. This route is particular for its diversity: several 10 meters slides, jumps at different heights, and some technical sections including abseiling. The challenge is to jump from as high as 7 meters, but you’ll always be able, for the higher jumps, to avoid the fear by abseiling. This outing is recommended for people  confident in water and in a good physical condition.

Once your equipment allotted, you’ll take a shuttle to the parking lot upstream from the canyon about 6 kilometers away. You’ll then walk for about 10 minutes up to the canyon’s departure. The first part of this course is fun and easy with many jumps, slides, and even a bit of climbing. After two big slides known to be some of France’s longest, about 10 to 15 meters you will break for lunch at half way point where the river offers a nice place for a picnic in the sun. The second section is a bit harder, with a few waterfalls where you’ll be introduced to abseiling techniques. The last abseil is the most original; you’ll be passing between two rocks before arriving at the end of a waterfall. Afterwards, you’ll only have a few meters left to swim in crystal clear water. The canyon gets wider and wider, and the day trip ends. You’ ll get back to the parking lot after walking across terraced fields.


Halfway between Nice and the Mercantour National Park there are many possibilities for outdoor activities. The Lantosque via ferrata is only five minutes from the Bollene canyon. The valley next to Vesubie also offers several beautiful canyons.


70 € per person
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Le riou de la Bollène is in the heart of the valley of Vésubie, below the village of La Bollène-Vésubie, near the picturesque village of Lantosque. The descent takes place in the big and mysterious coniferous forest of Turini. The two kilometers of the route alternate between hot and sunny parts and more dark rocky parts. To reach the meeting point, count one hour from Nice and two hours from Castellane and the gorges du Verdon.

Vertical character

The height difference (200 meters) from the start to the end are concentrated in the last two sections, those with the big slides and abseiling. The start is slippery and rough, and as we progress it becomes easier but still rough. Abseiling is usually simple and access to the last is rather atypical. The two big slides can be done by the more adventurous but they are not mandatory.

Aquatique character

With its moderate flow of water, the swimming parts are done in calm water. Doable from May to September, it can be very aquatic in the early spring. In this case, your guide fixe ropes to secure access to obstacles. The swimming sections are limited to the exit of large basins. The freshness of the water is felt at the beginning of the course but it tends to warm up lower on the large open and sunny parts.


The time spent in the canyon depends  on the abilities of the team. The more the participants evolve serenely and the more the descent will be fluid and rhythmic. For this condition we ask you to be able to hike on rough terrain. The course allows for exit in different places and the shortened narrow sections allow you to quickly get out of the water in case of bad weather.

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