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Canyoning in the torrent of Lance

This mountain stream is one of the Verdon’s tributaries, located in the upper part of the Verdon. It will take you about an hour to get to the departure which is at 1 600 meters of altitude. The river’s water, coming from snowmelt, is extremely fresh and crystal clear. The flow can change depending on the weather, which is why we usually suggest it in August and September. Be careful, this course is extremely athletic; jumps from different heights, abseiling and endurance are its strong points! This is why we suggest this outing for athletic people who have experience with outdoor activities.

Once allotted equipment and your lunch packed in waterproof containers, we start with a one hour approach march. The path is steep but your effort will be eased by the shadow of the pines and the beautiful landscape. Long limestone slabs will take you to the start and will lead you to a 15 meter abseil. Your guide will provide safety instruction in order for you to get the maximum comfort and pleasure as possible.


This first section, open and sunny, has a lot of jumps into huge bassins. The next part has a completely different atmosphere, and gets darker as you enter the steep-sided rocks. You’ll be able to use your technical knowledge while passing trough successive abseils. You’ll then end the first section by swimming until you get out of the river bed. A path will bring you across a forest up to the Lance Bridge; the ideal place to have a lunch break.


The second section of this canyon is a bit shorter. The steep-sided rocks offer magnificent waterfalls that we’ll get over by jumping or abseiling (up to 25 meters). The last obstacle is the most adventurous: a belay hanging above a boiling and tormented water pool that you’ll have to abseil from. It will be your last jump, so enjoy it! A 15 minute walk will get you back to the parking lot. Congrats!


80 € per person
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Colmars is located in the Hautes-Alpes, one hour from Castellane, on the road that goes to the Foux d’Allos and its ski resorts. With 3,4 kilometers long and especially its approach walk, we promise you a great sporting moment. This is the only high altitude canyon that we offer and the scenery changes a lot, we leave here the atmosphere of Provence. The high peaks surround us and it is in the shade of the pines that we progress.

Vertical character

The first part is the longest, it is a series of basins in the middle of a large fir forest. She has two nice waterfalls. The second part presents the technical difficulties. More narrow, there is a succession of safety ropes and abseiling. With the large number of abseil, we ask you  to have a good ease on rope and previous experience in canyoning.

Aquatique character

Its level of water is variable, which is why this canyon is doable in late summer, in August and September. The melting snow makes it impassable in the spring. The first part is not aquatic and the swimming is limited to the exit of the basins. Here the slippery walk requires special attention and good shoes. The presence of many resurgences grow up the flow of water on the second part of the canyon. The course is bolted to evolve out of water, a real comfort in case of too much water. The temperature of the water does not exceed 12 °.


At the beginning of the course it is possible to avoid obstacles while the bottom of the course is narrow and does not allow it. Before to start the last part, an easy escape is possible at the Misson bridge. Come to make the torrent of the Lance is a beautiful sporting challenge. It takes stamina to do the walk and the canyon. A day for the most sporty of you.

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