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Carleva canyon

Canyoning in the Carleva valley is a course that Franck and Marco recommend to very sporty and extremely motivated people. Be ready for a great adventure, where stamina and wonder will be the themes. The wild nature of the Carleva valley makes it one of the less popular canyon in the Alpes-Maritimes, even in high season !

From the village of Breil-sur-Roya, a long and steep walk through a wild valley brings us up to 850 meters above sea level. You need endurance because the Carleva canyon is long with four kilometers like two times more than the other day canyons that we offer.

A river walk between the rocks takes you to the first part of the canyon. Then discover the first jumps and slides, which are already very impressive. Beautiful abseiling awaits you to cross the highest waterfalls. The obstacles here are followed with walking parts. The last section of the Carleva canyon is peaceful. We move in clear pools of water, dominated by concretions of tufa rocks. The valley opens and lets you see an old Roman bridge, which will mark the end of the canyoning descent. We reach the village of Breil-sur-Roya by a beautiful walk.

This course is a good way to escape and discover a still beautiful and wild nature.

If you enjoyed the Carleva canyon, we recommend the courses of the Vesubie Valley as the  Bagnolar canyon !


100 € per person
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The Carleva is located in the Roya valley, which from Ventimiglia leads to the valley of wonders in the Mercantour massif. Breil-sur-Roya is the starting point and the meeting place for this beautiful trip. With its 4 kilometers of descent, it is the longest course that we offer. Its route in the shade of large trees pass through an almost uninhabited valley. From Nice, its 1 hour by car through Italy. For the most motivated staying in Catellane or in the Gorges du Verdon, it takes 2h15 drive.

Vertical character

The 570 meters of negative elevation are divided into sequences of big obstacles that are interspersed with long parts of river walk. These transition parts require special attention, a good abilities for hike : it can be slippery and unstable. Some down climbing passages require the installation of a safety rope. Abseiling are generally not very technical and pretty easy to do. Many jumps and slides approaching 10 meters can be made.

Aquatique character

With a low flow of water during the summer time, it is preferable to come here in spring. On the other hand, the Carleva can prove to be a good alternative when the clue of Maglia is full of water. Swim parts are often short and facilitated by clear and calm water. Although the majority of the course is in the shade, the water temperature varies between 16 ° and 18 ° and makes the descent pleasant. Anyway the low flow of water will always let you jump and slide in the beautiful clear basins.


When you add up the long approach walk, the time of activity and the obstacles that await you, we understand that this course is intended for a very sporty public. The isolation of the canyon makes any rescue intervention complicated and once the descent begins, the possibilities of go out of the canyon are only possible half way. A trip like this one is not to be underestimated and that is why we ask you to be in full capacity of your physical resources and to have previous experience in canyoning.

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