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About us

Every summer since 2014, Franck and Marco, gathered in Couleur Canyon, make you discover the gorges of the Verdon and its land through their selection of canyoning, climbing and via ferrata routes.

Founded in 2014, Canyon Color is a union of climbing and canyoning instructors. This union of professionals aims to share with you our love for outdoor activities. Passionate to the heart, making our passion our job is an evidence.

Based in Castellane, our playground extends from the Gorges du Verdon, Alpes Maritimes to all the out back country of Nice.

To each his own rhythm, to each his challenge. Whether you are a beginner or in search of thrills and surpassing oneself, we will find your course.

Les Guides

Franck Andolfatto

Adventurer at heart, I became an addict to sport and especially to climbing very young. For several years, I have devoted myself to rock climbing. This passion made me travel to the four corners of the world to discover and climb the most beautiful walls. After pass my monitor diploma, I took my first climbing customers climb in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Greece. After several seasons in the gorges du Tarn, I decided to join the Verdon, a real Grail for me and all canyoners and rock climbers.

Marco Peli

Climbing and canyoneering monitor since 2011, I fear this job as a privilege. Great passionate climbing, my life revolves around this activity that I practice 100%. So what better for me than for the Grand Canyon of the Verdon and its innumerable walls. Every year I look forward to the summer. The desire to dive with you in these clear waters and to contemplate these magnificent landscapes is indescribable. I like this feeling of freedom! It will also be a pleasure to let you know through ITACA the most beautiful and fun streams in my Tuscany, where I live and work the rest of the year.

Notre actualité

From May to September, Franck and Marco are waiting for you