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Canyoning around Saint Martin de
Vésubie and Lantosque

Couleur Canyon invites you to discover the valley of Vésubie through our selection of canyons : the vallon de Imberguet, the riou de la Bollène and the vallon of Bagnolar. The entrance to this valley is located 30 minutes from Nice, at the confluence with the valley of the Var and goes up to the Mercantour mountains. This place is emblematic for its beauty and location. Indeed, in a few kilometers you go from the beaches of the Côte d’Azur to the southern Alps with an amazing change of scenery.

Les canyons de la vallée de la Vésubie

Vallon de l'Imberguet

Athletic day
Price : 60€/pers

Riou de la Bollène

Athletic day
Price : 80€/pers

Vallon de Bagnolar

Extreme day
Price : 100€/pers

Découvrez les environs de Lantosque

This beautiful valley offers many of opportunities for outdoor tourism with hikes in the Mercantour National Park, the Lantosque via ferrata, the giant zip-line and the ski slopes of the Colmiane, the thermal complex of Roquebillière and the brand new Vesubia Mountain Park and its artificial canyon in Saint-Martin de Vésubie.

We invite you to discover this place through our favorite canyons. You have the choice between a day discovered but technical with the valley of Imberguet, sporty and very complete with the riou of Bollène and finally extreme with the valley of Bagnolar and its wild atmosphere.

Canyoning around St Martin de Vésubie and Lantosque is a good alternative to the Gorges du Verdon if you are on the Côte d’Azur. The Var road leads you very quickly to the entrance of the Vésubie valley.

The Imberguet canyon well combines the playful side of canyoning with several jumps and slides and the technical side with its numerous abseiling, up to 25 meters. This course is a great experience for a first day outing. A short walk approach allows you to keep all your energy for the aquatic part. The first obstacles will give you confidence before entering the heart of the matter: a series of suspended basins, as rare as magnificent! The abseiling that follow is spectacular but easy. Hurry up and enjoy it at the beginning of the season as the river often dries up in the middle of the summer and the descent is no longer possible.

If you are looking for a day full of emotion, the Riou de la Bollène and its two big slides is the course to go. A sporty but accessible descent. The three different parts of the canyon are intersected by nice sections of walk. Each part has its characteristics. The first is playful with many jumps up to 7 meters, the second with its big slides and the third more technical with several abseiling. The first slide you will see will not leave you indifferent. The more adventurous can make it from the top, 10 meters of very steep and fun slide. As always, the guide can adapt the obstacle and reduce the length of the slide. You can enjoy this course from May to September.

The Vallon de Bagnolar is for experienced and sporty customers. The approach walk and the length of the canyon require a good physical abilities. A descent that is among the wildest in the region. As for the Imberguet, this descent is to be done at the beginning of the season to make the most of its aquatic side. The two rocky narrow corridors that make up the heart of the course are similar to those of the Maglia. Located only one hour from Nice, the feeling of remoteness is nevertheless present. A day of adventure to discover with the Couleur Canyon team.

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